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Adriana Adeline, is a 28 year old indie singer-songwriter/creative originally from Central Florida.


Miss Adeline has recently released her New Album "Higher Consciousness" this past January 2022 and it speaks on her musical journey through self-awareness and self-growth.


 "Higher Consciousness" is her second album and is a soulful and poetic expression of the struggle with self-worth and realization of the reality of life! She also has an Album released in the Fall of 2018 titled "Bona Fide" which expresses her journey through a breakup and her feelings of discontent and realization of love lost. She shows her struggle with doubt in herself, addresses old lovers and their mistakes and how she's overcome those feelings. Her latest single  "Lonesome/ Bona Fide" was released in 2021 and expresses her struggle with feeling Lonely and underestimating her self-worth at work and in life in general. 


 Growing up loving music but not truly expressing her truth and talent of her voice/creative writing, she came into her songwriting and music making abilities late after college, although she's always been poetically expressive since the age of 12. Initially all throughout high school she was a very active drama club member and fell in love with the theatre, so ultimately musical theatre is what first stole her heart. Graduating with honors and being the star of her last senior musical in 2012, she played the role of  ‘Velma Kelly’ in the famous ‘Chicago The Musical’ and that sparked her love and devotion for pursuing the singing arts/acting professionally. After high school graduation she decided to move to New York City, not sure in mind which school to attend but turning down every normal local University she could, against her better judgement, and chose to delve into the unknown gritty city of chances "The Greatest City on earth!" to pursue her love for the arts.

  She attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts which mainly focused on truly sculpting her acting craft. Two Years later she graduated the selective second year with the Angel Award and walked away with a better knowledge of the business and a fire burning in her soul!


...But something was still missing...Jumping back to the roots of her musical growth; Out of curiosity and a strong desire to create music she remembered she asked for a ukulele for Christmas before her 18th birthday and took it with her when she first moved to NYC. Since rediscovering her ukulele after college graduation she began teaching herself daily and learning by ear. Most of her music is the result of a strong and passionate improvisation which is sung over newly found chords and melodies. Eventually she found the will to get out there and perform, and found her knack for comedy music. She began writing original comedic songs and was previously a part of a comedic singing duo called the 'Aye Team', and performed original comedic songs monthly on and off at the Standing Room in LIC.  The ukulele is her sound of choice but one of many, and what draws her to the ukulele is its tendency to make powerfully emotional lyrics sound so beautiful. Her honesty in her words is what keeps her writing, feeling as though she has no limits in what she can say keeps the rhymes coming. Welcome to her story. 



A message from Miss Adeline: 


"""I honestly believe that music can change people. To me, playing an instrument as beautiful as the ukulele with as much strength, honesty and raw emotion as I tend to write my songs with is my goal. To KEEP that raw emotion because that’s what most people try to hide about their own selves. I want them to know they are not alone. A lot of people underestimate the ukulele as an instrument that only ever sounds happy or tropical, but to me, it's so beautiful when you play it to it's opposite expectation, that's when things get interesting and that's how life is sometimes, it plays to its opposite expectation but it can still be beautiful. It's such an amazing emotional tool, I mainly write when I start to feel any strong emotion and the ukulele always seems to fit my tone perfectly. My true mission with my music is to fully express myself and speak my truth, in hopes it helps someone else discover theirs. I want those who find comfort in my lyrics to know, you are not alone, I'm here with you, we can do this, together!

Adriana Adeline

To donate using Cashapp to help support Miss Adeline's Musical Journey and funding for future projects please click below!

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