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Melody Bites Magazine

Adriana Adeline delivers soul shaking melodies on 'Higher Consciousness'.

Adeline’s strong voice coupled with the very well crafted instrumentals on the project makes for a project that has you hooked from the first song to the last.

- Melody Bites Magazine

A & R Factory

We find openness in droves here and a beautifully enchanting vocal performance that can only put a smile all over your hopeful face.

‘Positive‘ from Central Florida-born, New York City-based indie singer-songwriter/poet Adriana Adeline is a Queen-like story about keeping that vital good energy flowing- despite the ups and downs of life – so that you may always stay true to your real essence. As the world darkens and the smoke fills the mind of so many, this is a welcome reminder to never give up no matter what. ... We are blessed with a self-enlightened soul who totally gets it. 

-Llewelyn Screen- A&R Factory - UK

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