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Adriana Adeline 




Upcoming Performance:

Coming Soon

Stay Tuned

🔅Come join me and enjoy some live music in the heart of Times Sq on Thursday Jan 26th!!! ✨With a Twist of R&B/Soul, Folk and Pop I will showcase my UNIQUE Indie Style and bring to you Empowering & Inspirational vibes with the help of the enchanting sounds of the Tenor Ukulele🎙️🎼✨


🔅 I will be performing In the MAIN DINING ROOM in a designated area where you can book a table to come see me !! I have one set beginning at 7pm until 8:15pm, that’s a full hour of soulful acoustic indie music, good vibes & great food!! I will have another set at 9pm-10pm in case you missed the show !! ✨


🔆 To Reserve a table in the section I will be performing in & catch my performance please‼️CLICK BELOW‼️








The date is preset for Jan 26. 2023 at 7pm, please be sure to choose the time you desire✨ 🔆Options are 7pm or 9pm!! 🗣️Don’t forget to leave a note that you’d like to see me “Adriana Adeline” perform and you’ll be seated in the correct section ✨ Please choose the Hard Rock Cafe NYC Times Square location & standard seating! ✨


✨ I will be performing my original music alongside some of my favorite cover songs!! Don’t miss out ! 🥰🎙️🎼✨



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